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Welcome to Calcium Sandoz, the pioneers in Calcium supplementation in India.

Calcium Sandoz is a 40 year old brand trusted by mothers and health professionals alike.
Calcium Sandoz Children is available as chewable tablets in a specially designed colourful Puppy pack. It is available in three delicious flavours - American Ice cream, Chocolate and Orange in four pack sizes - 30 and 60 tablet trial packs as well as 100 and 200 tablet economy packs.

Each chewable tablet contains 250 mg of elemental Calcium.

Two tablets per day* supplement the daily food and help fulfill the daily Calcium requirement of a growing child above 4 years.

Calcium Sandoz for children is also available in unique soft chews format. It offers the strength of Calcium with the delicious taste of toffee. Softchews are available in two flavours - Chocolate and Butterscotch in a pack of 30 soft chews each.
Each softchew contains 125 mg of elemental Calcium. 2-4 soft chews per day* supplement the daily food and help fulfill the daily Calcium requirement of a growing child above 4 years.

Calcium Sandoz delivers more Calcium than any other general health supplement. It strengthens bones which are the framework of your child’s body and helps lay a solid foundation for his healthy future. After all, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body
Calcium Sandoz is also available as a liquid (suspension) for supplementing babies and children below 4 years. Each 5 ml of delicious mango flavoured suspension provides 250 mg of elemental Calcium with adequate Vitamin D3 for optimal Calcium absorption.
Arthritis Foundation of India Trust (AFI) is non profit making NGO working in field of Bone Health.
AFI is a permanent member of International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), a global NGO working in this field based in Switzerland & France. AFI launched a programme Invest in your Bones with WHO (collaboration center in Liege, Belgium) and IOF in March 2005. AFI was given the responsibility of creating community awareness on Bone Health in India.

As a part of this programme AFI in partnership with Novartis India is carrying out Bone Health awareness programme in schools "Strong Bones, Solid Kids". It is a unique project for educating school children in an interesting and child friendly manner about the importance of nutrition, especially Calcium supplementation in achieving ‘peak bone’ mass and how adequate Calcium intake and vitamin-D can ensure healthy bones and a bright future for them.
* As per World Health Organization (W. H. O.) guidelines,
Age: 4-6 years: 600mg/day
7-9 years: 700mg/day
10-14 years: 1300mg/day
I learnt that Calcium is the most essential nutrient to make my child strong. Strong bones also ensure strong muscles.

- Hema
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